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November 02, 2008


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That's an amazing story. How blessed you are to have what you do and to have learned what you did. I hope it stays with you forever - and thank you.


Yes the idea of evacuating is daunting. Having lived in Hurricane Prone areas, I have to be on alert every time the cone of uncertainty points our way. We wait and wait until it is time to go and then hope we took what we needed. It really does make one consider the value of things and the importance it all plays. What truly is important?

So far, we have made it through some potential disasters. I count my blessings every day.

And life moves on....


I can't even imagine going around and picking what items to keep out of everything around...I'm sure surreal doesn't even wrap around it. I'm so glad to hear your family and your house were safe from the fire.

Amber Filkins

Wow, that's an awesome story. I'm so glad that your house was spared, and your family was kept safe. That would be such a surreal experience. I am going to have to do that soon--walk through my house and look for what I would get in the case of an emergency.

I went through our garage a week and a half ago, through stuff that I was saving for a yard sale. Pulled out clothes and a couple other things to sell on Craigslist, and dropped the rest at Salvation Army. I've been on a major purging and cleansing kick. The unnecessary excess really weighs on me. Wierd how that affects us.

I'll be keeping up with how you do on your purging. I'll keep you updated on mine. :)


wow. that must have been so scary. I can't believe how close the fire was. Once when I was little, the field across from our house caught fire and we had to evacuate. It was scary. I must have been about 5, but I remember it so clearly.

love squalor

that picture captures some of the horror of it! wow! big hugs to you!


Wow, i can't imagine going through that. Glad everyone was ok. Dy


wow...that was a year ago??!! time flies...i totally remember that...it feels like it wasn't that long ago...


How absolutly frightening!!!! Thank you for sharing it... I have only heard of CA fires on the news. It gives a whole new perspective.


I'm very scared of fire. Where I grew up in Northern California, our property caught fire twice. I also almost burned out little trailer because I got confused on the heating system. So fire and I aren't the best of friends. I can't even imagine what you went through. The most I have experienced something like this was during the Oakland fire in 1991 (?). My great aunts house was in the Oakland hills and she was evacuated. Her house was one of three left on the street only because the house above her had a crazy owner who wouldn't leave and was watering the roof. A helicopter took pity on him and dumped water on his house somehow protecting his house and the three below. It was truly a miracle. I'm just relieved that your family was safe and that you had your house to go back to.

Someone suggested we look at Topanga Canyon but the fire danger scares me too much. What a wimp I am....

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