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October 11, 2008


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ok wait a sec...are you gonna keep her??!! i would be freaked a little bit too...but at the same time i would want to adopt her and give her a home, especially if the boys love her :) hmmmmm...this is a bit of a dilemma. but for sure if she has fleas you can totally get rid of them :)


gosh, linny....it *almost* looks like you have a cat! :)

as far as names....i vote for ellie. its super cute just like the cat that you don't have.

now, fleas.....i would go with a once a month topical product like 'frontline' er something similar. i don't know a ton about flea prevention since gerald and murphy are strictly indoor cats. i would ask the vet (that you aren't gonna have since you don't have a cat).

as for shedding....the key is to brush the cat! daily if need be. i would also give the cat petroleum-free hairball gel so that they won't barf them up on your rugs but rather digest them naturally. it works like a charm! gerald is long-haired and used to have tons of hairballs but as all as i give her the hairball gel once a week er even every other week, she's golden and my rug is spared.

any other questions about the cat that you don't have, just ask....BTW, she's cute. i think you should keep her!


I have a feeling that cute cat is going to keep you! They are very determent once they have decided where to live. Are you sure it's a girl? Male cats are more prone to find new families than females. All my cats - quite a few - have adopted me, the first thing I do is to make an appointment with the vet. She/he will be able to answer your questions. I suggest that you have the cat neutered - it doesn't matter what sex it is, it simply is better for all cats unless you plan to breed cats - and it doesn't sound so!
Kisse means puss in Swedish and might be a good name as it fits both sexes


Way before reaching the last line of your post I had constructed my comment and it went something like this: it seems that this particular cat has YOU. As for your questions: flea collars work fine and shedding in the house cannot be stopped.


I vote for Ellie! haha...
It is possible for the cat to not have fleas, but even if it did, you probably would never see a flea on it because cats usually lick the fleas off. So you probably don't have to worry about that. As far as cat hair goes - there really isn't anything you can do - but I believe it's a small price to pay for what you get in return. Oh, and I have 2 cats for 5 years and I've never had them cough up a hairball. Oh and the great thing about cats - they are super easy to care for! Way easier than a dog. I'm totally trying to talk you into her because I would feel sad for the little girl if you decided to get rid of her because she seems to have gotten quite used to you and your family!

Tandra Boyer

Lint roller!!! lol
"Your" new kitteh seems like shed LOVE a little rolling with a lint roller! Just like de-furring your sweater or black pants!

I used to use (when I had my kitteh :( ) Hartz liquid flea stuff once a month. Im not sure they sell it anymore I cant seem to find it in any stores around here! ('here' is where you are too! lol)
So Id also go with the Advantage stuff.
You know she loves you!

Beautiful fall pics above too!


I too vote for Ellie. It's a lovely name and very fitting for her. I've always had pets and adore them but they can provide a lot of work. But also a lot of loving attention. We have a tortie who I swear is part dog. She is so affectionate and lets the children do anything with her.

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