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October 10, 2008


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The turkey salt and pepper were bought by Aunt Caroline and she would take them to our ranch where we always had Thanksgiving. After she died I asked her daughter if I could have them and when you started having Thanksgiving at your house, I knew they needed to live with you. Love Mom


I knew my mom would come through! There are so many wonderful heirlooms in my house that I've forgotten the story of. I will cherish these little turkeys even more and remember Aunt Caroline whenever I see them now.


your house looks lovely!


Everything looks so lovely Linn. Of course those pumpkin cakes look devine. I shouldn't look at blogs before breakfast because now I am craving pumpkin and we are out. I hope your pomegranate is sweeter than ours was. We had a frost last night and my toes are freezing as I type this. I'll send some your way if you can send me some sunshine.


It all looks beautiful! I still need to pull out my autumn decorations. And I may have to look for some of those little stones at Ikea tomorrow!


Your house looks great and I love those little mini bundt pumpkins!

Mary Smith

I love your little bundt cakes. They are adorable. It's so fun to decorate. You have a great attitude towards thanksgiving dinner. I get a bit overwhelmed by hosting it! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


cute pumpkin cakes :)


I want to come to your house for Thanksgiving! We host, but I'm normally so frazzled about getting turkey and potatoes ready that serious decorating goes by the wayside. I have a mini bunt pan that I never have used and left over pumpkin from cookies-maybe I'll make up a little treat too! I hope you are having a good weekend!

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