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October 05, 2008


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Your pictures are amazing. Looks like a great trip! Whenever I hear "Yosemite" I remember a story my mom told me about our family trip there when I was 3. When they told me where we were going, Yosemite, I said "My-semite?". They kept trying to correct me, but I just didn't get it, it was just "mine". =)

Mary Smith

Looks like a great trip! The last photo is fantastic!


Ah, bliss! A fine time away to refuel, indeed. Lovely pictures. I feel peaceful just looking at them. Glad you're home safe and happy.

I also wanted to let you know I made the Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies you posted a while back. They were (are!) delicious! So sweet, so rich, but so good! And get better every day. Thanks so much for the recipe! :)


You pictures are fabulous! I feel like I was really on the trip with your family.

I think the pictures of your boys cast them in a much bigger boy light... like they grew up on your trip! So sweet.


Glad to see you back. What great photos, looks like you had a great time


You were able to visit some of my favorite places on this planet. Dh and I married on the Berkeley Marina just so we could see San Francisco when we exchanged our vows. Were your inside the tent photos done with a tripod? I love the light and that it is in black and white. And what's not to love about the boys hugging the tree. Just beautiful. (I swear I probably end all my comments to you with that one expression)

kristal @ aksarbenlove

Picking raspberries was always one of my favorite things to do at my mother's house. She had a huge bramble of them in her backyard (which is ginormous).

It looks like you had a great time. :)


kristal @ http://aksarbenlove.com


I love your little tree huggers! Just like their Papa Ken. Love, mom


What stunning images!


Welcome back!!!! I'm glad you guys had a wonderful trip. Your pictures are beautiful, as always!!


Oh My! What an amazing trip. I love those low light photos!


Just surfin' the blogs and found you. I wanted to say Hi and nice blog.

Love those pics!



wonderful photos - puts me in the mood to hit the road again :^)

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