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October 13, 2008


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beautiful photos


With unseasonably warm weather this past weekend I've spent lots of time outside. Walking, hiking, sitting and knitting and enjoying the sun and warm breeze. It's so perfectly fall-like, the leaves falling and the smell of fires in the distance. It's nice to reconnect with the seasons every once in a while. I love those photos from your trip!!!!


looks like a great trip!


I love your pictures. Those apples look perfect and delicious!

I tagged you on my blog. You can read the rules and how to play on todays post.



those are awesome photos! i especially like the last one...that is a great perspective!


Nicely said.

I think I need to take a cue from you and slow down a bit.

Maria Rose

Getting outside really helps me keep my perspective. Love the photos!


We have also worked on not having to many activities which is very hard work with a 6 & 8 year old. The children have soccer on Sat. mornings which dh does while I thrift. This leaves our week relatively free of anything except school. I love picking the children up from school and having family time. I enjoy being home so this fits well for this kind of lifestyle.

Mary Smith

Lovely, lovely.

Mary Smith

Lovely, lovely.


Great photos. I too like things to be less stressful and try constantly to keep things to a minimum


Your photos are all so lovely and inspired.

kristal @ aksarbenlove

Yeah... it's about to get COLD out. I'm excited for winter foods, but not excited for bare trees and WIND.


kristal @ www.aksarbenlove.com

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