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October 23, 2008


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The wood in your kitchen is gorgeous! I can't wait to have a great kitchen... /sigh SOMEDAY!


kristal @ aksarbenlove

(from her tiny kitchen)


Looks like a a good week. I'd love to know more about the tub dyeing adventure.


I commend you for finding your voice in "God". Whatever form that takes for you. I also agree that it is hard to separate our religious/spiritual self from our everyday self. But the real question is why do we do it? We shouldn't have to do it. We need to be true to our authentic spirit and live this life in honestly and pure intent. Look forward to hearing your Godself more.


What is it with little boys jumping on the beds! It is my sons favorite pasttime too. In college, every husband to be must have secretly taken a class we didn't know about called "TV watching ettiquete". They all look the same :)
Make a trip to AK anytime...we love visitors!!!!


grr, bloglines hasn't been pulling your feeds for me and i've been missing out!

lovely photos this week! such cute kids.

i look forward to hearing more about your faith! it's something i always intend to write about more but don't usually do...

Amber Filkins

I completely agree with you. I struggle with the faith issue too. It is such a part of me, and because of all that God has been bringing me through lately, how can I NOT talk about that? But, I figure it's my blog and people are there by choice. If they choose to come back, that is awesome. If they are offended, they can choose not to come back. Which is sad, but I just have to share that part of me. Because it's such a part of me. So, I commend you. :)

I just happened upon your blog last week, in case you're wondering who in the heck I am. :)


Is your tub dyed as well? that is what frightens me when dyeing. The times that I have done it, I have done it in the washing machine.


i would love to read more about God in your life. i am with you on the 'how much is too much' question, but really, we should talk about - blog about - Him to the extent that He influences our everyday lives. i think that a blog can be an excellent witness to who we are - and who we couldn't be without Him.

may He bless you richly as you seek to show forth Him.


i love this glance at a week in your life...and i love hearing how God was an important part of it :) those are great photos!

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