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September 09, 2008


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Thanks again for the giveaway! I'll be sure to keep a close eye on your shop updates : )


Congratulations on a very successful giveaway. I hope you'll continue to know many comments.

Your Christmas card is beautiful! I love "handmade" cards and try to make my own to give, too.


Early Christmas Shopping? How about the fact that I have purchased gifts for unborn children, have items wrapped with the dates of the years they should be given, as in 2010, and the fact that I have things I forgot I had and really don't have to do Christmas shopping for my boys the next two years....
Ridiculous I know, but as we have a tight budget now, it has become a lifesaver in terms of I won't have to wonder where the extra cash will come from this year.

Anne K.

Just discovered your blog so I missed the contest, but the picnic/camping quilt is terrific! Congrats on your milestone!

Mary Smith

Hi Lynn,
I love all of your recent posts and photos! Beautiful card too! I enjoy scrapbooking as well!


Great Christmas card. I am working on Christmas projects as well and will post a few soon


I love that Christmas card. Now I'm super inspired to start stamping (ps-thanks for the links you sent me!). I was wondering if you had any suggestions about what I should start out with...for example to make a christmas card or so? I stopped by the stamping isle at the new Hobby Lobby and got very overhelmed!


Happy Belated Birthday! What an amazing blog. Good for you for making such wonderful, wholesome changes to your life!


That is a beautiful card. Shamefully I never sent cards this last year and maybe the previous year too. I have a goal to make my gifts this year so maybe cards would be too much. But perhaps the next year.


I haven't read your blog in a while! Such goings on!!! I love the picture of your boys in the bunk together... sooooo sweet!

Happy Belated Birthday and 100 entry day!!!

Ohhhh... You got your shop up. I need to get going on mine!!!


Beautiful idea for a card...you are industrious!

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