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September 11, 2008


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Isn't it amazing what we remember about that day? I remember being in chemistry, wondering if I was really dreaming. That flag on the sidewalk is lovely...I can't believe there are bits of it still around!


I've spent much of today sad. Not just sad for what we all lost that day, but also sad because I don't quite understand how the pain has faded so. When it happened, we knew our world would never be the same, but could we have anticipated that one day, maybe even seven short years later, we might be all right? That we might be able to pack lunches, do laundry, feel frustrated or interested or anything other than devastated? It's a confusing moment. That life has gone on. But it is a blessing I'm thankful for.

I'm happy to have stopped in here tonight. Your post is beautiful.


beautiful words. thank you.

love squalor

this is so cool!

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