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September 18, 2008


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Oh my goodness. Please forgive me, but that loaf of bread, with your "warning" to avert your eyes has got me in hysterics!

I bet it did taste good, and you've come a long way in 6 months! Look at your cute boys devouring it! :)


Looks delicious and more fantastic photos!


Have you tried the pumpkin butter yet? It's delicious!

love squalor



I really miss bread. Sometimes a little teary about it too. But I used to own the best cookbook ever. I tried to search for it online but I can't locate it as I have forgotten the name. It was produced by a bunch of co-op bakeries I think. It was handwritten by each bakery with drawings. The recipes were the best I have ever come across. I gave it away when I went Gluten free but if I think of the title I'll email you.


oops my email address was incorrectly in typepad. Not thift girl but thrift girl :-)


I have the bread-making itch...I'm going to try out your recipe this weekend. I'm thinking it would taste great with applebutter or buckwheat honey drizzled on it!

kristal @ aksarbenlove

your cutting board is cute! and fresh bread??? i'm way jealous of those kiddos.


How lovely! It may not be perfect but you're right - it's homemade and can anything be better than a house full of that cozy baking smell. So glad I found your blog!
- Veronica

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