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Welcome to my blog, where I share my thoughts about what's inspiring me. I'm a suburban Southern California girl who is trying to balance the lifestyles and technologies of today with the slower, more wholesome ways of the past.

I'm the wife of one, the mom of two, a quilter, crafter, artist, and cook. I'm slowly learning how to nudge my family into the ways that I hope will be more wholesome for us all, body, mind and spirit.

I love coffee and taking photos and fabric and foggy mornings on the beach. I hate putting away laundry and tuna and junk mail and whining. If I ever had a whole day to myself, I'd start with coffee and a magazine, sew and scrapbook for a while, spend some time outside taking photographs, and eat fresh fruits and vegetables presented in a beautiful way on my plate. Until that free day appears, you'll find me at home, caring for our house and nurturing my boys so that they can 'have a happy childhood tucked into their belts.'