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August 19, 2008


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I love that cake. Did you ask for books on the invitations or did it just happen that everyone bought books? as don't most kids have enough toys bought them already without all the ones they get at their parties? Those party bags look really great and your photos are so good not like my fuzzy efforts


Looks like a fantastic party! I love love love those bags - so cute! Great photos too.


that cake is AWESOME.

love squalor

gorgeous photos! i want to be where you are!


Cute! I want to be a little kid again when I see fun things like this! :)


Thant dino cake rocks!! What a great way to celebrate a half birthday! I'm a November baby so I can relate to the joys of celebrating on the beach. I want to join you guys on the beach, or at least learn to take as awesome pictures!


Favor bags are adorable!


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