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August 27, 2008


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As a little girl, I don't think I gave much thought to trains, but I adore them now. Enjoy your outings!


Free outings are the best. The for the longest time when I went to NYC we hardly spent any money because if it was free we did it...like trips back and forth on the Staten Island Ferry. Of course, now I love to rent out the neighbor's kids to use as a disguise when going off on outings now for the same reason as you! Happy Wednesday!

Mary Smith

Beautiful post! That's like my boy watching those planes and trucks at the airport or standing and watching a construction site. There's a lot to be said for just watching.


What a nice blog! It's as nice as Jessica (from Turkey Cookies) said it would be. ;)

I'm going to put your blog in my faves!


Hi! I just ran across your blog and noticed you made that amazingly beautiful SLR bag for you camera. I, like you, have been looking all over the internet with no such luck. So if you are going to be making anymore of these... sign me up! I will totally buy one. :)


My Nipper just loves to watch cars. We stand on a bridge over the main road in town and just watch them all rushing by. He's over the moon when someone gives him a wave!

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